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Bespoke Business
Wellness Programmes

Helping employees make sustainable lifestyle changes, keeping them healthy, happy and focussed.
Our mission is to educate and empower individuals to be the best version of themselves - helping towards an inspired and motivated workforce.

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Infinite Wellbeing continues to help you support your staff during these challenging times

We do this in a number of ways offering webinars and group discussions online, specific clinics on issues such as sleep and anxiety, printed monthly workbooks and, of course 1-1 sessions either online or over the phone.
Some of our more frequently asked for topics are: 

Home working

Working from home

Stress and resilience

Building Resilience





Self care

Self Care

Anxiety and mood




Immune support

Immune Support


The feedback we are getting is that even though we are not able to be face to face in the office, staff feel connected and cared for and in some cases that has increased their sense of community.

Wellbeing has never been so important in building a sustainable work force for the future.
To find out more, please call us on 07791 775 547 or send an email to info@infinitewellbeing.co.uk

It's your programme

The client company can choose to employ the whole of the wellness programme or just the parts that they feel are relevant to their business goals.

Our holistic wellness programmes are designed to facilitate employee lifestyle change resulting in a sense of total wellbeing.


Our offer to you

Our Wellness programmes are designed specifically for each company.

Each Wellness programme is developed from an understanding of the client business, values and employee needs; what is important, current issues, concerns or trends - whatever is needed to effect the desired change.


The Holistic Approach

We passionately believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing based on body, mind and lifestyle. This encompasses the five elements of wellbeing.

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The Five Elements of

physical social community career financial


This is not a robot

There are many software packages on the market that cover fitness or mindfulness but none have the informed intelligence and empathy that personal contact delivers. Also, after buying into one, who within the client company is charged with its implementation? Who trains them? What happens to their original job? Who picks up the virtual baton when they leave? 

Each Infinite Wellbeing wellness programme is delivered by the Infinite Wellbeing team, personally directed, implemented and reviewed. Each meeting, each one to one, each group session, each employee programme is personally directed by the Infinite Wellbeing team. Each report and evaluation is personally overseen. Each piece of information, advice, guidance and motivation is delivered to a person - from a person.


Our Clients

we work with organisations across all market sectors helping them to make a significant difference to their business, their employees and more importantly the bottom line.

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public sector

charities & NGOs

private clients


The Bottom Line

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Time is money

At Infinite Wellbeing we understand that "time is money".

Therefore after the initial launch to staff there will be private one-to-one sessions of information gathering and goal setting. This will enable us to develop an achievable personal plan that is completely bespoke to that person's needs. Progress will be reviewed at agreed points, typically at 6 weekly intervals.

During this time the individual will be able to see their progress in their wellness den account, attend agreed group workshops whilst also having on-going contact with Infinite Wellbeing coaches for advice, inspiration and motivation.

We hope that for many people activity will increase outside work also. Health, fitness and nutritional plans will involve personal, private commitment.


Cost to business

The cost of poor employee health and wellbeing to UK businesses is significant and a key report* highlighted the following annual losses:  131 million working days, equating to 4.4 days per worker.

This includes:
31 million days due to musculoskeletal pain 27 million days due to minor illnesses 16 million days due to stress, anxiety, depression and serious mental health issues 5 million days due to heart, blood pressure and circulation problems Mental illnesses alone cost UK employers around £26 billion a year, according to the centre for mental health**

Infinite Wellbeing work with organisations to identify and support those key areas of concern through our bespoke wellness programmes to help reduce these costs to the business. The cost of doing nothing is very apparent.

*The ONS sickness absence in the Labour market report 2014.
**Mental health at work: developing the business case.

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Measurable business gains

In addition to the potential to reduce absence rates and, therefore, costs to the business, there are wider benefits to be gained through good employee wellbeing.

Studies show that there is strong evidence of the positive association between good wellbeing and improved morale, motivation and productivity.

Encouraging employees to achieve good health through physical activity, healthy eating, and good sleep are some of the positive steps that add benefit.

In addition seeking ways to enhance career and financial wellbeing can make significant contributions toward a more inspired and motivated workforce.

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Programme timescale

The overall wellness programme timescale will be dependant upon the business needs and at Infinite Wellbeing we recommend that typically it will include the following after we have been formally engaged:

Wellness programme concept introduction to employees Complete employee key surveys, ‘body stat’ and one-to-one sessions to establish personal needs and goals.

Report key findings to the business and areas to be addressed, recommend wellness programs content and timescale to deliver.

Launch wellness programme and deliver specific workshops and practical sessions.

Deliver review sessions to report progress at agreed points within the wellness programme.

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Infinite Wellbeing will fully support the implementation of the wellness programme and development of your wellbeing strategy.




Report and agree programme goals

Programme delivery


On-going support

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Coronavirus - Free Online Wellbeing Consultations

As we find ourselves navigating uncharted waters I would like to offer you a free 30 minute wellbeing consultation.

I realise many of you like myself are self employed and are also mothers and fathers. 
If you would like help with nutrition, immune support, building resilience, dealing with anxiety, sleep, and stress, menopause or parenting a child with ASD I am here to help.

I am a registered nutritional therapist and corporate wellbeing coach, MHFA, befriender and facilitator for Penny Brohn cancer charity and member of We Get It bath based cancer support group

If you would like to book a Zoom session for your employees do get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Contact Details

Please call on 07791 775 547 or send an email to info@infinitewellbeing.co.uk

empowering people to be the best versions of themselves



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